Why Bollywood


Bollywood is the combination of two names, Bombay and Hollywood.

Bollywood Dance is the most liked dance form across the world. This dance form in itself is unique and covers various dance styles. It is a colorful, dynamic, energetic and highly theatrical dance style in Indian films.

An expressive form of dance that incorporates a fusion of many dance styles, some dance styles featured in Bollywood movies, include pure forms, or moves of Kathak, Odissi, Bharatanatyam, Bhangra, Garba, Jazz, Hip-hop, Salsa, Contemporary, Latin, Belly dance, and Funk to name a few.

The beauty of this form is that besides capturing the perfect blend of various styles, it has its own essence. This sensational dance form, involves a perfect balance of rhythm; energy, timing, and sharp yet controlled expressions.

ICC Bollywood Dance Academy offers training in all sorts of Bollywood dance forms.

It’s colorful, vibrant, and beautiful.

The international appeal of Bollywood dancing has been in the making for many decades. Bollywood dance has taken the world by storm and has now come into the global spotlight.

The form has developed its own signature style of dance, which combines the rich texture of India’s many classical and folk dances, fused with elements of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Arabic, and Latin Forms.

Bollywood dance is a fusion of western and eastern dance. The captivating moves with rhythmic tunes are highly addictive for the mind and body. It is next to impossible to resist tapping your feet to a Bollywood number.

The dance training ultimately leads you to be a versatile dancer. A ‘versatile’ dancer can easily pick up a number of local or foreign dance forms. A versatile dancer has good timing to music, a greater understanding of lyrical content, excellent control of physical form and changing body lines, articulation, energy, and agility in movement, balance, and coordination, confidence, grace, and elegance. Moreover, one has the ability to project emotion through their eyes, face, and hands.

You can learn Bollywood dance at any age. There are no set rules, fitness requirement or age restrictions. Bollywood dancing is the perfect way to enjoy the freedom of expression.

Semi-classical fuses technique and dance from Classical Indian dance such as Kathak and Bharatnatyam.

The dance focuses more on a feminine style of Bollywood Dance combining Modern Indian form with Classical Indian postures and movements.

The semi-classical dance features extensive body movement, grace, speed expressions, and immense creativity, a fit for the modern generation.

Almost every region in India has it’s own form of dance known as folk dance to brag about. As Folk Dance is accepted as the people’s dance form, Bollywood adapted this form to relate with all the states of India give them the taste of “Apnapan”.

So, all dancers can enjoy and perform it at social functions.

You can learn folk dance at any stage of life. They are a less complex and more social way of expressing emotions.

The energetic Bhangra and Giddha are folk dances of Punjab, while the entertaining Lavni belongs to Maharashtra and rhythmic Garba and Dandiya belong to Gujarat and many more.

Learn fusing hip-hop aesthetic with Bollywood moves.

Hip-hop dance is a “freestyle” which means it is improvisational in nature and popular because of upbeat music and fast rhythms. The styles associated with Hip-hop dance are Locking, Popping, Breaking, etc.

As freestyle dance form it gives students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style as dance varies with the pace, musicality, and movement.

Hip-hop is a fun and energetic urban dance style highly influenced by hip-hop culture.

Hip-Hop is diverse, it’s street and it’s forever changing. 

Whether you are a novice or an advanced learner, ICC Bollywood Dance Academy will strive to meet your specific needs. It will help you in developing the ability to dance with rhythm, structure, grace, and confidence in no time at all, as we guide you through our tried and tested methods. We aim to make each lesson meaningful and fulfilling for you.