Personality Development Program

Summer Camp for Ages 15-27

This is a self-improvement program that is practical and experience-based. It is particularly suitable for anyone who wants to be goal-oriented and continuously improve towards higher aspirations.

2 Full-Day Program: June 22-23, 2024, 9am – 4pm (Sign up here)

3 Half-Day Program: July 1-3, 2024, 9am – 3pm (Sign up here)

Location: India Community Center (ICC), 525 Los Coches St, Milpitas, CA 95035 (map)

Program Objectives

This program aims to enable young adults to:

1.  Develop their inner personality and become dynamic individuals who can meet any challenge and strive for higher ideals in life.

2. Enhance their performance and reach their full potential by developing their mental strength and character.

3.  Cultivate core qualities through simple and effective meditation practices and living with higher values.

This program takes a holistic and practical approach through interactive learning with storytelling of Vedic Purana stories, guided meditation (experiential), lectures, and group activities and discussions.

Level and Age Group

BeginnerNo prior background or experience is required.

This program is suitable for the following age groups:
        a) 15-18 (High school 9th grade or above)
        b) 19-22
        c) 23-27

Key Features

This unique program features the following three core components:

1. The program will teach how to develop inner mental strength through the cultivation of certain core qualities within us.

The core qualities include: how to develop goal fixing, goal clarity, proper priority, Pratikulya Varjanam, Anukulya Sankalpam (resolution to do that which is conducive to the goal and abjure that which is not conducive to the goal), patience, tolerance, confidence, truthfulness, aspiration, perseverance, tenacity, fearlessness, courage, hope, gratitude, and more.

Students will gain insight into these good qualities through storytelling, lectures, interactive learning and teamwork assignments. They will be exposed to some of the greatest spiritual and literary works in the Vedic and Upanishad traditions and learn about gigantic personalities, their stories of strivings that formed their destinies; how they succeeded in overcoming their problems of life through acquiring these qualities; and how we can draw inspiration from them as we encounter similar challenges in today’s world.

2.  The program will cover some of the following topics about the development of the mind and consciousness:

  • States of mind
  • Concentration and Control of Mind
  •  Energy Management
  • Understanding Cause and Effect and taking responsibility for our actions
  • Understanding psychic imprints
  • Personal development and growth through meditation
  • Self-Reflection and Diary Writing

3.  The program will introduce a simple and effective meditation practice with support to achieve inner development and growth.  The topics will cover: 

  • Daily meditation practices: methods and techniques
  • Way of living to be in tune with cosmic consciousness
  • How control of mind and concentration is achieved through the practice of meditation
  • The role of Pranahuti (Yogic Transmission)  as an active and continuous support to have a higher balance
  • Stages of Progress (in the inner development and growth)

Program Format

  • Interactive learning with story narration
  • Lectures and discussion
  • Guided meditation sessions (experiential)

Sample Agenda for the 2-Day Program

Day 1 Topics

8:30 AM    Pre-session: Breakfast
9:00 AM    Introduction to “Goal Clarity” (Core Quality 1 and story narration)
9:30 AM    Personality Development Program Overview
10:15 AM  States of Mind
10:30 AM  Meditation Method
10:45 AM  Guided Meditation (Experiential)
11:45 AM  Lunch break
12:30 PM  Trataka Tool for Concentration (Experiential)
12:45 PM  Introduction to “Application” (Core Quality 2 and story with interactive learning)
1:30 PM    Meditation Practices Method
2:00 PM    Break
2:15 PM    Introduction to Core Quality 3 and story with interactive learning
3:15 PM    Guided Meditation (Experiential)
4:00 PM    Closing for Day 1

Day 2 Topics

8:30 AM    Pre-session: Breakfast
9:00 AM    Recap of Meditation Methods
9:15 AM    Guided Meditation (Experiential)
10:15 AM  Pranahuti (Yogic Transmission)
11:00 AM  Break
11:15 AM  Introduction to Core Quality 4 and story with interactive learning
12:00 PM  Lunch break
12:30 PM  Understanding of meditation experiences and sharing
1:00 PM    Introduction to Core Quality 5 and story with interactive learning
2:00 PM    Break
2:15 PM    Introduction to Core Quality 6 and story with interactive learning
3:15 PM    Guided Meditation (Experiential)
4:00 PM    Closing for Day 2

Cost: $50

Participation Certificate and Volunteer Hours

Students will receive a participation certificate upon completing the class. Volunteer hours can be given for those who complete research and writing assignments for the class.

After-Program Support (Free)

This program is the starting of a journey for self-improvement.  Upon completion of the program, continuous support is provided to students in two ways: 

1.  Students have access to the guidance and support of a competent teacher/mentor through Pranahuti.

2.  Students can participate in group meditation sessions conducted in various center locations in Bay Area, California and other cities in the US or India.

The above on-going support is completely free of cost.


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