At the India Community Center, we believe that coming together to celebrate our culture enriches us and strengthens our community. It’s a place where every generation of the Indian Diaspora can find comfort in preserving and practicing our unique traditions. ICC exists to unite the community, serve the underserved through social, cultural, educational, and recreational programs and celebrate our culture and heritage through festivals.

Your generous donations allow us to serve the community with diverse programs and services. By making the medical clinic, legal clinic, youth programs, senior programs and holiday celebrations accessible to all, the ICC unites our community around values of inclusion, friendship, education, and community spirit.

Memberships, program fees and ticket prices do not cover all our costs. We need your individual donations –of any size– to make programs and services available to everyone. Please consider making ICC a part of your philanthropic goals.

Due to the pandemic, we had to close our facility, layoff staff, close the fitness center, and cancel classes. The past couple of years have been tough to manage expenses and we would be highly obliged if you can support us to keep us going. With your support, we will be able to continue to Unite, Serve and Celebrate our wonderful community.

Ways to donate:

  • Donate your stocks that have appreciated to compensate for capital gains. Please contact
  • Donate from your Donor Advised Fund or your Private Foundation.
  • If you or your spouse work at a corporation, please find out if your company matches donations to the non-profits their employees support. That is a very easy way to DOUBLE or sometimes TRIPLE your support. Many organizations like Google, Chevron, Applied Materials match their employees’ donations to approved charity organizations. If this is true for you, please let us know the name of the corporation you work at and the amount and time of the matching donation to ICC.
  • Automatic recurring or one time payroll deductions  to ICC is another way to support us. If you enroll, please inform us at
  • If the organization you work at would like to serve the community, via ICC, or would like to look at sponsorship opportunities,  please contact us at
  • Make checks payable to “India Community Center” and mail or deliver to 525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas,  CA 95035
  • Cash can be delivered to the CFO in his office at 525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas,  CA 95035
  • Pay using Zelle. Send money to
  • PayPal:


For more information or for any questions, please send a message to

ICC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You can make an IRS approved tax deductible donation to help fund ICC’s annual operations, programs, and services. We are grateful to your contribution to help keep this community dream alive.

Tax ID # 52-2351119