Wedding Planning Checklist: What to Expect

South Asian weddings are known for their grandeur and vibrant celebrations with various ceremonies and rituals that make them unique. Planning a South Asian wedding can be a daunting task, as it involves managing several aspects, from venue selection to catering and decoration. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan, we have designed this helpful South Asian wedding planning checklist for you to get started with.

Discuss priorities and expectations

☐ Determining your budget is one of the most important high-level items.

☐ Create a mood board of how you want your dream wedding to be like.

☐ What wedding dates do you prefer?

☐ Local or destination wedding?

☐ Outdoor or Indoor wedding?

☐ Do you want a day or night wedding?

☐ What themes or color palettes do you prefer?

☐ Make a guest-list (those traveling internationally need to be informed sooner to make travel arrangements)

☐ Schedules/timelines for each pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding events

☐ Traditions and marriage ceremonies that need to be performed

☐ When do you want to send out “Save the Date” cards and formal invitations?

☐ Do you want to hire a wedding planner or plan it all on your own?

☐ Do you want to design an informative wedding website?

☐ What entertainment do you want at each event: DJ, live music, dance performances?

☐ Who do you want in your wedding entourage (bridesmaids, groomsmen, priest, ring bearer, flower girl)?

☐ Wedding Insurance

Research and Plan

Venue: What is the capacity? By when do you need to make advance bookings? Do they allow outside catering? What seating arrangements would you like?

Outfits: Which fashion designers do you like? How long will a custom-made, custom-fit outfit take to make? Can you do trials? Do the attires need shipping? What attire do you want to wear for each event? What footwear and accessories will you need?

Jewelry: What gemstones do you like? There are anklets, bangles, earrings, rings, necklaces, nose rings, waistbands, maang tikka, mangalsutra, and jewelry sets to choose from. Browse designs and figure out the cost.

Wedding Registry: What items do you want to include?

Invitations: What layout and wordings do you want?

Caterers: What menu would you like for the various events? Go for food tasting.

Bakers: What flavors, fillings, and style of cake do you envision? Try a cake tasting session.

Vendors: Schedule a meeting with potential and experienced vendors to figure out who meets your requirements

For Destination Wedding: What are the passport and visa formalities, and documents required?

Makeup and Hair: Explore the hairstyles and makeup looks you want for each event.

Entertainment: Book the DJ, musicians, singers, choreographers, or any other entertainers you need for all the functions.

Wedding Party Favors: What gifts do you wish to give to your guests at the events? 

Draft a budget

☐ Venue

☐ Transportation and accommodation

☐ Wedding planner

☐ Decorators and florists

☐ Catering

☐ Pre-wedding photoshoot

☐ Photographers and videographers

☐ Entertainment (DJ or musicians)

☐ Makeup and Hair Artist

☐ Henna Artist

☐ Shopping (fashion and jewelry)

☐ Priest / Pandit

☐ List of items needed for rituals

☐ Invitation Cards

☐ Wedding Cake

☐ Wedding party favors (return gifts)

☐ Choreographer

South Asian weddings are a celebration of love, family, and culture, and they require meticulous planning and attention to detail to make them unforgettable. A comprehensive wedding planning checklist can be a valuable tool in organizing and executing all the necessary tasks to ensure that the wedding day is stress-free. This list is just the beginning tol help you start the planning process.

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