Shauli Chaudhuri

CEO Hoojook, Inc.

Shauli Chaudhuri, is an award-winning executive and visionary business leader skilled at identifying market need, conceptualizing and designing technology and service solutions. She has expertise in working with engineering, quality, sales and marketing, services, compliance, and operations teams for seamless product/service delivery. She has delivered 5x ROI for shareholders; successfully branded and positioned mature as well as new companies, designed and launched new products and won product awards resulting in successful exits. She successfully designed and launched a channel program for new enterprise mobile devices at a $20bn+ global fortune 500 company (second largest brand in the world at that time). Shauli has established centers of excellence in Philippines and India increasing per person productivity by 30%. She has secured multiple product awards for various software products; received the prestigious best product launch and marketing award at CES for the global launch of “instant-on” system software resulting in bookings more than 300% of the sales goal in the first 6 months. She has successfully founded and sold companies/products, founded, designed, developed and sold (successful exit) a marketing automation platform to a large software company. Currently, Shauli is Founder and CEO of hoojook, Inc., a predictive analytics and machine learning company with technology and related services solutions for automotive and HVAC industry 2012-2020. She won “Top 100 Most Promising Big Data Company” award. Shauli was the CMO at Locaid, Inc. from 2010-2012. Locaid was the largest and first Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company to connect mobile enterprises to wireless subscribers. From 2007 to 2010, Shauli was the VP, Global Marketing at Phoenix technologies, Inc., the global leader in PC software in a turnaround phase at that time which diversified into online PC support products, security and remote device management. Shauli is a Board Member at Braigo Labs Inc., which is creating, researching, designing, and developing new technology solutions for visually impaired people all over the world. She is a Board Member at CWE (Center for Women Entrepreneurship), in Bangalore. CWE is an incubator for women entrepreneurs in India. Shauli was on the Advisory Board Member at the ICC’s Table Tennis Center from 2015-2018.