5 Innovations That Are Making Our Homes Smarter And Safer


Remember the Jetsons or the Stark Mansion from Iron Man. For years high-tech homes were only seen in cartoons or movies. However, it could be a thing of reality now as researchers are getting closer to innovate and transform our lives for good.

From high-end flat screen TVs to voice-controlled assistants and beds that can adjust themselves to maximize sleep quality, the fun is just beginning now. Much of this high-tech inventions are still in the pipeline and can expect to hit the market soon.

Here are 5 amazing innovations that are already transforming our homes:

1. Appliances that will turn on when you ask them

With Google Home, Apple homekit and Amazon Echo control your home appliances through voice commands just like Siri. Start the electric kettle or coffee maker so it’s ready as you head home. Turn the lights on and off as you please. Also stay informed of weather updates, traffic updates, manage your schedule and more. It will be your cool personal assistant doing things that you ask for!

2. Smart Windows

Go from transparent to frosted and to completely opaque with a simple flip of a switch. These windows are employed with technology that adjusts the light on the surface in the response to an electrical current.

3. Home Security through Facial Recognition

A video camera installed at your doorsteps to identify who enters your house. If it is a stranger, the system can then easily run the person’s mug against the criminal and terrorist databases. This way we will not let in someone dangerous to our home.

4. Paint that Purifies Air

How about a paint that not just makes your home look beautiful but also keeps your air quality in check? This paint’s activated carbon technology reduces pollutants and gets rid of foul smell to make the air cleaner.

5. Smart Fridge

Samsung Family Hub Fridge and other built-in voice assistants installed in refrigerators let you take a snapshot of what you have inside them. Once you are doing your grocery shopping, you can access the snapshot from your smartphone to know what you need to buy. It may even be able to tell you how long your broccoli is been in there or how much leftovers you have.

As you can see, technology is not just embedded in our cars or phones but is slowly making its way into our homes. From smart windows to paint and personal assistants, it gives you yet another reason to hang out at home more ofte