Indian Superfoods That Will Help You Lose Weight And Stay Fit


Have you come across those moments when you want to lose the fat just to fit into to your favorite outfit? Unfortunately, there is no miraculous formula to lose weight. But the good news is weight loss just got simpler with some superfoods that are available right in your kitchen cabinets. Our Indian cuisine is home to some ingredients that are well known to improve your rate of metabolism and help you burn the fat faster. Incorporate the following superfoods into your diet to see some positive results:

1. Garlic

This flavorful herb stabilizes the level of fat in your body and is well known for reducing cholesterol. Apart from its other health benefits of relieving tummy infections, regulating blood pressure, blood sugar levels and more, it is immensely beneficial in weight loss as well.

2. Ajwain Seeds

Carom seeds or Ajwain is something that is readily found in the Indian kitchen. Known for its pungent taste and unique flavor, it is used to relieve indigestion problems. But did you know they are effective for weight loss too? Boil a teaspoon of these seeds in water and sip it throughout the day to speed up your metabolism and burn fat.

3. Curry Leaves

A staple in South Indian cooking, these wondrous leaves reduce the level of bad cholesterol. Additionally, they also detoxify the body. A few leaves a day can take your weight loss journey a long way.


Apart from its medicinal benefits, turmeric also enjoys the position of being a powerful fat burner. It contains a component called Curcumin that enables unhindered blood circulation. Unbelievable, but true, Turmeric not only aids weight loss but also reduces the risk of heart attack.

5. Cardamom

Just add Elaichi or cardamom to your tea and savor yourself with this hearty beverage to aid you in your weight loss journey. This spice aids digestion, nutrient absorption and speeds up the metabolism process. Just a few pods added to your food will give you a dash of sweetness along with wholesome benefits.

6. Cloves

Do you have constant hunger pangs or an uncontrollable sweet tooth? Just add some cloves to your food to help you. This spice normalizes blood sugar levels and is highly recommended for diabetic patients. Add them to your rice and pulao, curb those hunger pangs and manage your weight effectively.

So, you see there is no need to punish yourself with tasteless food to lose weight when you can use these flavorful Indian superfoods.