Gen AI for the NextGen

Learning GenAI Image Models through Games and Projects

GenAI is a transformative technology that is an essential skill for the future. This workshop will give students a head start by teaching them the fundamentals through games and projects.

In this 3-hour, 1 day workshop designed for kids aged 10-17, we will explore the intersection of art and technology through hands-on activities and interactive learning experiences. Guided by experienced instructors, children will discover how cutting-edge GenAI algorithms can be used to generate stunning digital artwork, and the real world applications of this technology.

Here, kids will engage in a variety of activities and learn the following:

GenAI Image Generators: Learn the basics of prompt engineering and create mesmerizing visuals for school projects, personalized gifts and more.

Learning through games: We will introduce basic concepts of GenAI through a short lesson followed by a game to reinforce key concepts (check out one of our games here:

Tangible outcomes: Children will leave with a physical product that they’ve created using AI + ideas for what they can do with AI in the future.

Ethical Considerations: Explore the importance of ethics in AI development, discussing topics such as bias, privacy, and the responsible use of technology.

Collaboration: Students will learn collaboratively through discussions, games and projects to foster team building and creativity.

Workshop requirements: Students will be required to bring a laptop and have access to a Google Account (in order to sign up for some free GenAI services).

Stay tuned for our longer, week-long workshop later in the summer which also teaches students Video and Audio GenAI models so they can create a short film as their final project! 

This program is created and taught by the Bits & Bots team: Faraz Abidi, a GenAI engineer at a startup that creates tech for the film industry, Courtney Greer, a senior technical program manager at Microsoft, and Isra Safawi, a product designer at Reddit.


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