The Behavioral Health Service Clinic is currently closed due to the Pandemic until further notice. 

Every person goes through facing life challenges that occur normally, such as the developmental challenges of a birth of a child, a child’s first day of school, falling in love, marriage, divorce, parenting, work relationships, aging, and retirement, etc. Other challenges can be unpredictable, such as accidents and sicknesses. These challenges may increase remarkably if you are an immigrant in a new country.

When life becomes too overwhelming, it can result in changes in how an individual thinks, feels, and acts. The Hume Center offers Early Intervention services for individuals, couples or families in distress. These short-term, culturally sensitive and language-specific services offer therapeutic help aimed at developing knowledge and skills to deal with life successfully. Free services available in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Dari, Farsi, Pashto, and English.

The Hume Center at India Community Center provides short-term, culturally sensitive therapeutic interventions aimed at enabling individuals to overcome challenges, develop coping behaviors, and identify their strengths.

FREE Behavioral Services are offered in ICC’s Free Medical Clinic by Appointment only.

For Appointment: Please contact Preet Sabharwal, PSY.D. at  (510)745-9151.
Sleep difficultiesChanges in eating habits
Irritability Excessive worrying
Crying oftenConflicts with others
Withdrawing from peopleChanges in weight
Difficulty concentratingMemory problems
Feeling triedLoss of motivation
Loss of interest in pleasurable activities

Behavioral Health Provider | Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health and Training Center provides a comprehensive multicultural and multilingual continuum of care for individuals, couples or families in distress. The Hume Center was founded by R.K. Janmeja “meji” Singh, Ph.D., who worked with Portia Bell Hume, M.D. a pioneer in developing community mental health. Her legacy of dedication to the betterment of the community lives on today, as the Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health and Training Center, which was named after her to continue her vision to provide comprehensive mental health services and best practices in professional training and research.

Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health and Training Center.