Exercises To Try Even If You Lack Fitness Skills


You don’t have to be a Marathon runner or a gym regular to get a good sweat session! After all, some of the best workouts require low fitness expertise. According to studies done at Harvard Medical School, these routines can increase muscle mass, weight loss and help in maintaining a heart healthy.

Take a look at the exercises below and the next time you feel bogged down by high-intensity workouts, give these routines a shot!

1. Walking

Easy and Sufficient? Absolutely. A simple 15 minutes walk can keep your body and mind brisk. The next time you commute to your office or go for shopping, park your car farther away and walk the rest of the distance to experience the bliss of a short stroll. Many studies indicate that walking reduces blood pressure, weight and keeps one generally healthy.

2. Swimming

Dive in for a nice and calm workout! A low-impact exercise swimming works multiple muscles. The next time you feel too worn out to hit the gym, why not go for a dive and get the same results? Swimming is good for adults with conditions like Arthritis as it doesn’t strain one’s joints a lot. According to some research, swimming keeps one young and protects the brain from age-related decline. Now isn’t that enough reasons for you to try it out?

3. Yoga

Why not give this Indian fitness routine a try with mild intensity poses, breathing exercises and meditation? From pregnant ladies to senior citizens, anybody can do yoga and reap its benefits. It keeps you physically and mentally fit. Try out simple breathing exercises and asanas from the hundreds of videos available on youtube.

4. Weight Training

Who said you need to be a pro to do weight coaching? Get started with your dumb-bells with fundamental biceps curls. Weight training is the way to go to burn calories, boost muscle power, give you a sharper mind and a healthier heart.

Being active is definitely better than being a couch potato! Break the monotony and get moving with these exercises to be fit!