D.I.D.C Troupe – Dance. Intensive. Dance. Competitive.


Be a part of the Bay Area’s Biggest Dance Troupe and unleash your true potential!

This Performance Team is a group of young performers aspiring to be the best version of themselves. The dedicated team will participate in various dance competitions, corporate events, and charity events. This program is specifically for students who wish to live and breathe dance and all other facets of the performing arts. Each performance will build confidence, performance skills, stage presence and a determination to succeed.

The D.I.D.C team is an invitation for only those groups of students who demonstrate a high level of commitment, skills, and dedication to their dance studies. The dancers will leave each session with a renewed focus and drive. This will lead to further development in their technique, artistry, and individuality.

There will be three different groups:

Minors (6 to 8 years) Juniors (9 to 13 years) Seniors (13+ & above)


The student must be enrolled in a regular dance class to be a part of D.I.D.C Troupe.

New students must attend audition as an evaluation conducted by the ICC Bollywood Dance instructor.


Studying in multiple classes will provide you a higher level of dance training, on the other hand D.I.D.C troupe will give you an opportunity to perform at Bay Area’s top Bollywood shows and competitions.

Few of the things that you will develop as a D.I.D.C Dancer:

• TEAMWORK – Team is the key. We spend a huge amount of time stressing the importance of the team. It takes the whole team to do well or not so well.  We spend time bonding as a team with our minors, juniors & Seniors. We are one group that works together!

• PROBLEM-SOLVING – As a dancer, you must know how to think on your feet. Anything can happen during a live performance. It could be a costume piece or a prop falling off, or just forgetting the steps!  They must know how to cope on the spot with different situations. Spontaneity and having the presence of mind is the key component. These skills will help you in any career you choose in the future.

• FRIENDSHIPS – ICC Bollywood Dance Academy gives you the opportunity to understand the psyche of each other to create sync, co-ordination and better piece of art. You together face the experiences of getting praises and criticisms and spend many days in a week together, working through choreography and other aspects.

• THE VALUE OF HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION – The most famous proverb – “Practice makes a man perfect”.  Nothing comes easy.  So, the price of success is hard work, dedication, and determination. Dancers learn this as a team member when it takes practice, rehearsals, and 100% to get where they want to be.  In dance, they will find to push themselves harder to get that next jump or trick which will translate a great work ethic in everything they do.

• RESPONSIBILITY & DISCIPLINE – Rules and structure for the troupe members are hard as compare to our regular dance classes. This helps the kids grow faster in their craft. They learn to discipline themselves to these rules. Dancers will be responsible to be dressed correctly and begin to prepare for a performance without parent’s guidance, as they get older.

• COUNSELING & MENTORING – Our job is not limited to “point your toes” and make you the best dancer. We prefer to be an ear for you. So, you can share your area of comfort & interest and we will be able to guide you to be the best. It is not unusual to take 5 minutes to address a school problem, question, or just to have a group hug because someone had a bad day.

Our dance Troupe also performs at various community events and dance conventions! We place emphasis on the development of both dance technique and the attitudes of teamwork, dedication, and responsibility.

Our competitive mentality is a positive one! We encourage dancers to celebrate their own improvements rather than winning a trophy! We have a very family-friendly team atmosphere, where the emphasis is on teamwork, bonding and giving back to the community!

If you are interested in taking your dancing to the next level and being a part of our family of hard-working and committed dancers, please email amit@indiacc.org or hiren@indiacc.org