Interested in Group Voice Lessons for Kids (Age 5-10 yrs)? Then attend this free trial session with Deirdre Lobo.
Classes begin Saturday, Sept 16th at India Community Center, Milpitas.
From Disney to Bollywood
Students in this class will be taught western technique as well as some Indian scales blending the two genres. They will learn to sing effortlessly using the correct breathing, and projection, etc. Students will learn songs from the Disney as well as from the Bollywood repertoire. The class will run for 1 hour every week. In the 4th week students will be introduced to some Music Theory where they will learn the rudiments of Music Theory. In the 8th week students will be taught technique in stage movement and etiquette. The 12th class will be in an In Class Performance to which parents and relatives would be invited and kids would perform a program of Disney and Bollywood songs with movement in concert attire. Students will also make masks to depict their Disney Characters. Students in this class will develop not just musically but as a whole.

FREE TRIAL SESSION: Group Voice Lessons by Deirdre Lobo

On Sept 9th, 11 am -12 pm at ICC, Milpitas

Classes start on Sept 16th. Register on the day of the trial and get $20 off


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