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The India Community Center is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Donate to ICC During COVID-19 Shelter in place

ICC was created on the promise of the power of community to provide strength in unity in this, our adopted country. At ICC, we are Indians and Americans first without regard to region, religion or politics. In the seventeen years since its inception in 2003, ICC has become indispensable to the Indian diaspora, as a place to Unite, Serve and Celebrate our wonderful community. 

Due to the increasing threat of COVID-19, we closed our facilities on March 14th. As a result, we have lost all sources of revenue! ICC is expecting to have a deficit of $500,000 for the year due to this closure because of hold on memberships, cancellation of classes and banquet rentals. We had to place our full time staff on temporary layoff to preserve the small reserve we had. All of our full time staff, even with temporary layoff, are volunteering to serve our community during this extended closure. However, even with no payroll cost, we still have fixed expenses that need to be met even during lock-down. That is why we are requesting your support, whatever you are able to donate will help us. To those of you who have donated already, we give our heartfelt thank you. 

Government is giving Special tax-benefits to donors to support the charities they care about due to the disruption caused by COVID-19: (Please consult with your lawyer or your tax-advisor for your specific situation).

  • Non-itemizers can claim a deduction for up to $300 in charitable giving, or $600 for a household filing jointly.
  • Households can deduct charitable gifts of up to 100% of their adjusted gross income, effectively eliminating their federal tax liability in 2020. (In an effort to encourage immediate giving, donations to donor-advised funds will not qualify.)

With your support, we will be able to tide through this tough time and come back strong to continue to Unite, Serve and Celebrate our wonderful community. 

Other Ways to donate:

  • Donate your appreciated stocks to avoid capital gains tax. Please connect with
  • Donate from your Donor Advised Fund or your Private Foundation
  • If you or your spouse work at a corporation, please connect with them to find out if they match donations of their employees to the non-profits they support. That is a very easy way to DOUBLE or sometimes TRIPLE your support. Many organizations like Google, Chevron, Applied Materials match the donations of their employees. If you this is true for you, please us know the name of the corporation you work at and the amount and timing of the matching donation to ICC 
  • Automatic recurring or one time payroll deductions to ICC is another way to support us. If you enroll, please inform us at  
  • Send checks to India Community Center | 525 Los Coches Street  | Milpitas | California 95035
  • If the organization you work at would like to serve the community via ICC during COVID-19 or otherwise would like to look at sponsorship opportunities please contact Rupal Dandia  

For more information, contact Rupal Dandia, Vice President of Development at

Why donate to ICC?

At the India Community Center, we believe that coming together to celebrate our culture enriches us and strengthens our community. It’s a place where every generation of the Indian Diaspora can find comfort in preserving and practicing our unique traditions. ICC exists to unite the community, serve the underserved through social, cultural, educational and recreational programs and celebrate our culture and heritage through festivals.

Your generous donations allow us to serve the community with diverse programs and services. By making the medical clinic, legal clinic, youth programs, senior programs and holiday celebrations accessible to all, the ICC unites our community around values of inclusion, friendship, education, and community spirit.

Memberships, program fees and ticket prices do not cover all our costs. We need your individual donations –of any size– to make programs and services available to everyone. Please consider making ICC a part of your philanthropic goals.

ICC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You can make an IRS approved tax deductible donation to help fund ICC’s annual operations, programs, and services. We are grateful to your contribution to help keep this community dream alive.

  • In other giving options: Send checks to India Community Center | 525 Los Coches Street  | Milpitas | California 95035