Aerobics Class descriptions

Bombay Jam: Move & groove for Bollywood hits

A cardio workout with a basic and easy-to-follow dance moves to Bollywood and Top 40 tracks.

Body blast 

Full-body resistance training with barbells and dumbbells. The Rep effect uses light weights and high repetition to improve increase lean muscle and strength. 


Enjoy this Latin-Cuban style of dance form which relieves stress, helps with weight loss, and builds endurance & stamina. Move your hips while burning calories and having a blast in this different, fun, and energetic class!

Cardio Step & Sculpt

A challenging step class with choreography. You control the intensity. 

Dance Fusion

Full body dance workout focuses on core strength and mind-body coordination. Just as fun as Zumba but with a variety Latin, top 40, Bollywood music. A lot of fun while you burn calories. 

Tabata – Athletic, Cardio, Strength

High-intensity interval training. This class helps to burn fat, build lean muscle and endurance. You can achieve results faster in this HIIT class with the bursts of intensity followed by periods of rest. 


This group fitness class combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio


Achieve results in this HIIT cycle class with bursts of intensity followed by periods of rest. 


Pilates is commonly called as “Contrology” since it helps in controlling mind and body. This workout improves body awareness, posture, strength, flexibility, and agility.

Power & Vinyasa Yoga

Energetic and dynamic vinyasa flows to build internal heat and improve stamina, strength, and flexibility. It helps in gaining strength, flexibility, body balance, and range of motion in poses synchronized to breath. This is open for all skill levels.

Pranayama Yoga

Slow-paced breathing techniques and yoga poses to relax you and relieve chronic stress, weakness, and fatigue.

Focusing on centering your body.


Slow-paced and prop-supported poses to relax you and relieve chronic stress, weakness, flexibility and fatigue. 

Kids Yoga (ages 8-13)

A great class to teach children the fundamentals of Yoga.

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