N2Fit Youth Athletics Program (11-15 yrs)  Let’s do the right thing in the right way!!

Through this program our goal is to provide the best and fun learning experience to our young champions. This program has two phases- FIT & FAST- where in basic strength training acts as a foundation.

Phase 1: FIT:  Fat-burn Interval Training

This program introduces strength training concepts with an emphasis on proper form, movement patterns, bodyweight resistance training, improving cardiovascular health, progressive programming and injury prevention.

Phase 2: FAST: Fitness – Agility – Speed – Training

This phase is aimed at improving speed, agility and quickness.

  • Speed refers to the speed of which you’re able to move your arms and legs. This is often referred to as linear speed. This phase will help in keeping up the breath and continue with or breaking away from your teammates and competitors, you will likely benefit from adding speed drills.
  • Agility is the ability to change direction quickly and effectively. This training will help improve your performance, balancing and quicker side to side movements.
  • Quickness refers to your body’s reflexive reactions. Quickness measures your instant and rapid responses. Adding quickness drills to increase your reaction time will help you be a quicker athlete.

Our coach Marco makes each youth exercise program session fun which is extremely important for the kids! Also can coach kids of all ages, abilities, needs, and goals. Whether your child loves sports or not he/she will have fun in Coach Marco Fit & F.A.S.T. Classes. Your child can become a better athlete, build their body, increase their speed, enhance cardio-vascular health, get in better shape, improve self-confidence, develop a more positive attitude and self-image, and build a work ethic that will they will carry with them for their life.

N2Fit Adults Athletics Program (18+)

The training program will be lead by certified personal trainers design to accelerate your fitness and help you reach your individual goals in a semi-private, motoring setting. Each individual will receive a complimentary body composition testing and weekly fitness performance assessment to drive motivation and achieve measurable results. Accountability, Education, peer motivation…  There will be two different Group glasses cross training and outdoor fit camp (Depending on the weather conditions).

Benefits of our FIT and FAST training for Young & Adults Athletes:

  • Create a fitter foundation for the future
  • Reduce the Risk of Injury
  • Increase Core Strength
  • Build Self-Esteem and self- confidence
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Variety of activities
  • Strength Training & Athletic Performance

Coach Shelly Rojas

Shelly Rojas has been in the fitness industry as a weight loss coach and master personal trainer since 2001. She specializes in fat loss, strength training, pre and post pregnancy training as well as professional and amateur athletic training. She has several national and international certifications and and has been featured in Ironman fitness magazine for her transformation on her weight loss journey from being 165 pound to becoming a PRO INBA PNBA Fitness Athlete with Team USA. Shelly has been with ICC since 2003 and is the Fitness Manager in the main center. Her passion is to make fitness fun and to teach others how to make fitness a lifestyle so they can do it for the rest of their life.

Coach Marco Rojas

Coach Marco Rojas specializes in weight loss & youth and professional athletic training. He is Inba Pnba natural bodybuilding athlete with team USA. Marco has been in fitness for over 10 years and teaches a variety fitness and aerobic classes. He has been with India Community Center since 2003 and manages the gym. He has trained ICC table tennis athletes for their national tournaments and has even qualified some of them to be on the USA team in the Olympics. His passion is to empower his clients so that they can break through the barriers.

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