Group & Private lessons refund

  • No refund or credit on group lessons after first day of classes.
  • To get credit or refund on Private lessons minimum 24hrs notice is required.

Table Designation

  • We will use tables for league, classes and private lessons as per class schedule.
  • When the classes or clinics sessions are over, all available tables are open for challenge/open play.

Challenge Tables/Open Play Tables:

  • To challenge a table, place your paddle or your paddle case at the foot of the table and notify the players that you are challenging the winner.
  • You may NOT refuse to be challenged, regardless of your playing level or that of the challenger.
  • You may NOT challenge more than one table at any one time.
  • You may NOT be playing on one table and at the same time challenge another table.
  • Players may warm up or practice on these tables when there are no challengers. As soon as a challenge is made, they must start a match within two minutes. (The two-minute warm-up time may be extended to five if the game is the first time the player is on a table for the day.)
  • The winner of the match will play the challenger.
  • If any one of the challenge tables has more than one challenger, the “two match” rule will take force. Under the “two-match” rule, a player must relinquish his/her place at the table after playing the second match, win or lose.
  • If players on a challenged table decide not to play matches and want to continue to just drill or practice, their possession of the table will be limited to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, one of the players must relinquish his/her place to the challenger.

Club Rules

  • Children below age of 6 are not allowed for open play. No food or Drinks are allowed in the playing area..
  • Parents are not allowed to interfere during the classes/training. Private lessons will be offered based on availability of Instructors and Tables. To book a private lesson please confirm the availability of instructor.
  • Children below age of 12 are allowed for open play only if they are with their parents or any ICC instructor.
  • When going to and from a table, walk as close to the wall or barriers as possible to avoid entering a playing court. If you must enter a playing court, wait until a break in the action between points.
  • Call a “Ball” if your ball enters another court. If other player calls a “Ball”, and their ball is near your court, retrieve their ball so they don’t have to walk through other courts and disrupt play in other tables.
  • Keep a good attitude and be courteous at all times. Do not throw your rackets; do not be loud and boisterous. Please keep your language clean and swearing to a minimum – there are many young children among us.
  • Respect the tables by not sitting on them, keeping gym bags on the floor and not striking them with your bats in frustration.
  • All games are played by USATT rules.

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