Dinesh Bajaj

Community Activist

Dinesh is an IIT Delhi engineer who worked in Silicon Valley for large companies like Nortel Networks, IBM and Siemens. He was also part of the management team on several startups that were later acquired by public companies. Currently he is involved in managing a portfolio of properties that he has acquired over the years. The most important and significant part of his life has been involvement with ICCs Seniors Program in Cupertino. He got involved with this program in 1999 through the older organization ICSC which was later merged with ICC. He has managed Cupertino center for last 12 years. He was also involved with a youth program called SEVA at the Fremont temple which focused on creating a spirit of service in IndoAmerican high schoolers. Dinesh believes strongly in uniting the Indian community for higher purposes rather than complaining and infighting. His other passion is Tennis which he plays everyday. He is married to Asha who has had a very successful practice in Physical Therapy. He has a son and a daughter who have good careers in Education. His love of life is three grandsons with whom he shares his love for Indian way of life.