Heritage INDIA

Proposed Dates: July 22 – August 13, 2023.

Departure and Return City: San Francisco

Participant’s Age: 14 – 19 years

Excursion Fee: TBD

(Will exclude roundtrip airfare from US to India. This is partly subsidized by ICC and is inclusive of all domestic travel, accommodations, local transportations, meals etc. within India.)

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please send in your Application Today!

Applications are due by: April 15, 2023.

The focus of the trip would be to familiarize the participants with the richness and diversity of India, its contemporary history leading to its independence, its current governance structure, its secular principles with multiple religions flourishing alongside the majority Hindu faith, its emergence as a leading player in the technology space, its large urban centers coexisting with a very agrarian rural population and its potential to be a true world leader based on its young population.

The three main themes under which the trip will be organized are:

  • Governance – including history and concept of democracy, non-violent activism and citizenship.
  • Diversity – ethnic, religious, cultural
  • Technology- emergence as a tech power and innovative use of technology to address issues specific to India.

Through a mixture of visits, lectures and workshops participants would be exposed to these different facets of India. At the end of the trip the they will have a greater understanding and appreciation of India and its potential to significantly impact their lives in the future. Diversity will be explored and experienced at every location. There will also be a visit to a rural setting.


The trip will involve visits to three cities ( order subject to change):

  • New Delhi – Focusing on Governance
  • Ahmedabad – Focusing on Democracy/Activism/non-violence
  • Karnataka (Bengaluru, Mysore, and Hampi) – Focusing on culture, technology, and history

A typical day on the trip will involve:

  • Group orientation on goals of the day/meditation at the start of the day;
  • Visits as per itinerary (at least 3 experiences a day);
  • Guest sessions and workshops focusing on one of the themes/sub-themes for the trip through the rest of the day;
  • Inclusion of different cuisines of India in interesting eating establishments during the meals;
  • Reflection Circles where students and leaders will discuss the learnings at the end of the day.
  • Participants will be encouraged to produce a daily newsletter which will be posted on ICC and 360+ websites.

Students will be under adult supervision of 360Plus professionals at all times during the trip and at least 3 adults who are trained and highly experienced in organizing international travel programs will accompany as trip leaders.

Leadership team, guided by Patron, Sridar Iyengar – Founder/CEO of 360Plus Network will be:

  • Mohit Raj: Based in India
  • Tabish Bilal: Based in US
  • Eleena George: Based in India

There is a 3-Step selection process:

  • Complete and submit your application answering the questions noted below.
  • If you are selected, you will be requested to complete the registration process including payment of fees and signing of the waiver form.

Briefing and orientation session to be held at ICC, Milpitas in early May 2023. Additional briefing and orientation will be held in India upon arrival.