Youthsava Competition Information


Youthsava, named after the sanskrit word utsava - meaning celebration, is India Community Center’s signature dance competition. This fun, high-energy dance gala provides a platform to the youth of ages 4-18 years for showcasing dancing talent and connects the participants and the audience to Indian culture and heritage.



Annually, approximately 1000 youth perform nearly 100 dance routines to an audience of more than 3000 throughout the 12-hour competition.




Registration: Available online ONLY at

Registration Deadline: March 26th, 2017.

Music Deadline: March 31st, 2017.

Set Prop/Decoration Drop-off: Friday, April 14th, 2017 between 4:00pm and 7:00pm.

Fee: $100 for each competitive performance category in an age class.  Fee includes admission for one director, two adult assistants/ parents, and dancers.  Dancers performing in multiple performance categories will receive only one admission.  Fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. Registrations are considered on a first come first serve basis. India Community Center reserves the right to reject applications that do not meet the selection criteria. Participation fee is non-refundable.

Changes and late entries: No late entries or music will be accepted.NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE AFTER MARCH 12TH. Please check your registration and schedule very closely prior to the event and notify ICC staff immediately of any mistakes or changes.

Director: Anyone one can form a group and participate in the contest. Please identify one person as “director” to serve as the group contact person. A director may have two or more groups compete in the same Performance Category in an Age Class, but it is not recommended.

Dancer: A dancer may perform in more than one Performance Category, but it is not recommended. A dancer can only perform in one group per Performance Category. Dancer’s full name and birthdate must be provided at the time of registration. Each dancer must submit an ICC Photo Release and Liability Waiver signed by a Parent/legal guardian at the time of check-in.



Date and Time: Saturday, April 15th, 2017 from 9am-9pm.

Venue: India Community Center, 525 Los Coches Street, Milpitas, California

India Community Center, Inc. (ICC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Indo-American and greater bay area community by promoting Indian culture through social, cultural, recreational and community programs.  As a non-religious and non-political organization, ICC is a place where the community can unite, serve and celebrate Indian culture. ICC welcomes all without regard to racial, ethnic, regional, religious, political or socio-economic background. 

Performance Length: Performance cannot exceed seven (7) minutes.

Good Taste: Choreography, performance themes, props and costumes must be socially acceptable and in good taste as determined by India Community Center staff in their sole discretion.  No vulgarities or obscenities are allowed. Immediate disqualification will result in such occurrence.

Reporting Time:  Groups are expected to report one (1) hour before their scheduled reporting time. Timings will be e-mailed out once the registration closes and line up is confirmed.

Stage Lighting: Full wash at all times. No special effects.

Stage Dimensions: 25 feet wide X 24 feet deep



Team registration Fee: $100 for competetive teams. (Non - refundable)

                                   Free for non- competitive showcase

All participants must honor these rules.  Violations will be grounds for penalties or disqualification from the contest.

Dance groups may be disqualified before, during or after their performance, if found to be in violation of India Community Center policies or Youthsava contest rules.

Rules may be changed without notice at the discretion of India Community Center.  Interpretations of the rules are solely at the discretion of India Community Center.


Performance Divisions:

NO SOLO PERFORMANCES ALLOWED. One dancer cannot dominate the performance while others are dancing in the background.


Competitive Group:  Dancers between the ages of 4 and 18 years of age. Groups must have a minimum of 6 dancers, but no more than 18 dancers. 


Non-Competitive Showcase: No age restriction.  Adults and seniors welcome! Groups must have a minimum of 4 dancers. Performance times provided on a first come first served basis as time permits as determined by India Community Center staff in their sole discretion.


Age Classes

Sub-Junior class: 4 to 8 years of age*

Junior class: 9 to 13 years of age*

Senior class: 14 to 18 years of age*

* Dancers age as of January 1, 2017

Age Exception:  Teams may have no more than two dancers who are 11 months older or younger than the stated age range.  This exception can be utilized if the addition of the dancer is critical to the choreography or supports inclusion by allowing a dancer to perform at their appropriate skill level.  IT IS AN EXCEPTION and NOT AN OPTION!  The judges may deduct points or disqualify a team for misuse of the age exception. 

Birthdate verification: India Community Center does not require birth certificates. In providing the birthdates of the dancers, the director is attesting to their accuracy. However, if it is brought to the attention of ICC staff that the stated birthdate of a dancer has been incorrectly reported, ICC may disqualify the entire team.


Performance Categories

A category MUST have a minimum of 3 entries to be in the competition. If less than 3 teams, then the groups will be changed to the Non-Competitive Showcase division or the category will be cancelled.

Film category: Dance performance to a song from Indian Cinema.  The song cannot be a remixed version. Contemporary songs and songs from private albums and/or remix albums will not be allowed in the film category.

Folk category: Dance performance in South Asia folk or tribal costume to a song with folk beats in any language.

Remix category: Dance performance to a remixed version of a song from Indian Cinema or create your own medley of songs, not exceed seven minutes.



Song Selection: No song can be repeated in a performance category. Directors will be notified if they do not get their first choice song, and be given the opportunity to choose a new song that has not already been selected.  Song selection is on a first come, first served basis.

Format: Directors must submit the music electronically via Dropbox  marked with the age class, performance category, name of dance group, and song title. Each song must be submitted separately. Directors are required to bring the songs on a phone or MP3 player as backup on the day of competition in the event of technical issues. Only ICC Staff are allowed near the sound booth during performances.



Hand Props are permitted, such as parasols, fans, hats, musical instruments, or scarfs.  Simulated weapons with dull, safe edges are permissible.

Set props/decorations are permissible if it is essential to the routine and approved by India Community Center.  ICC staff will review and approve props at time of drop-off on Friday, April 14th, 2017 between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm.  

Groups are limited to two (2) set prop/decorative elements; each element including any support/stand must conform to the following limitations:

  •  Dimensions do not exceed 24” x 24” x 54”
  •  Weight does not exceed 20lb.
  •  Does not require being plugged in to an electrical outlet.

Set-up and teardown of all props used is limited to one minute or less.  The dance director and two additional adults may assist with prop set-up and teardown. 

NO ADDITIONAL ADULTS WILL BE ALLOWED.  India Community Center will provide one Stage Assistant to assist the dance director as needed.

No scenery or architectural elements.  NO scenery, backdrops, architectural façades, architectural elements, large format images whether free standing or require the use of theater fly bars may be used.

No heavy or awkward props.  Regardless of dimension or weight, oversized props that cannot easily or safely enter the green room or require the assistance of more than one adult to carry and position on stage may not be used.

Additional prop restrictions.

  • No items may be thrown or shot off the front of the stage.
  • No use of glitter, confetti, dry flowers, or similar materials. Fresh flowers without thorns are permitted.
  • No helium balloons are permitted.
  • No fog, smoke, or open flame.
  • No dancer or live animal may be used as a prop.



A panel of at least three qualified, competent judges will judge all performances and all decisions of the judges are final.  Scores are based on the following criteria:


Creativity of Choreography

Difficulty of Choreography

Synchronization and Timing

Overall Effect

Expressions and Lip Sync

Formations/Spacing (use of stage)

Grace/Flow of Dance



No audience members will be allowed to sit in front of the judging area.

No dance director, dancer, or parent will question a judge.



First, Second, and Third place awards will be given to the top three scoring team in each Performance Category in each Age Class.

Awards will be distributed after all the performance categories in a single age class have performed.



India Community Center will have at least one professional photographer at Youthsava.  Images will be available for download for personal use ONLY from India Community Center’s Flickr site,

NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. This rule will be strictly enforced, as it is extremely distracting and hazardous to the dancers.

No tripod, monopods, or “selfie sticks” are allowed in the auditorium.

No video recording or photography for commercial purposes is allowed without prior consent of India Community Center.


Behavior Expectations

India Community Center is a public space utilized by many guests and programs. Guests and program participants are expected to behave with courtesy and respect to others. Behavior that is disruptive, threatening, abusive, bothersome or questionable in any way will not be tolerated.  Individuals who persist in such conduct will be asked to leave the Community Center.

Good sportsmanship is expected from all dancers, parents, and directors. Failure to display such conduct may result in disqualification.

For the safety of all, hallways, aisles and walkways must remain clear at all times. No guest or program participant may stand or sit in an aisle/walkway or stand on a chair in the auditorium.

Specific areas/rooms have been designated for Youthsava program participants.  Prop storage, dressing, and rehearsals are limited to designated areas.  The Fitness/Gym area (including restrooms) is off-limits to all Youthsava program participants.



Participants recognize the risks of physical injury inherent in dance and dance performances and are willing to assume those risks. India Community Center is not responsible for any injury to participants, which may result from their participation in the contest.

All decorations, equipment, clothing, jewelry, and items of a personal nature are the responsibility of the dance director and dancers. India Community Center is not responsible for any damage or loss of these items.