Athletic Training

Our mission is to enhance your young athletes abilities, whether just starting out or trying to find the competitive edge . We understand what it is need for the athletes to advance in competition they must develop the right physical and mental tools for success. This class will be divided into two age group (a) 12-17yrs (b) 7-11yrs old to insure competitiveness and teamwork. We will teach and provide workouts to help extra edge through the most fundamental and advance training techniques.

Goals: speed/ agility/ strength/power explosiveness / reaction/ coordination / injury prevention / rehabilitation.

You Will Build lean muscles, boost metabolism, and build a solid core.

Class will take place twice a week

Wednesday 6 pm and Saturday 10 am for 12-17 yrs old

Monday 5 pm and Wednesday 5 pm for 7-11 yrs old


ICC MEMBERS: $250/month

NON-MEMBERS: $275/month

**Non-members enrolled in this program will have their membership fees free for the duration of their program. **