Hindustani Classical Music Concert Series at ICC, Milpitas

Surmala Hindustani Classical Music Concert Series 2018
At ICC, Milpitas

Music has been an integral aspect of the Indian way of life and over the years, it has transformed itself into a form that has the power to entertain, control mood swings and lift the soul to an entirely different level.

Hindustani Classical music is a popular genre of Indian music. The origin of this music dates back to Sam Veda times (3-5 centuries ago). Indian classical music is an integral aspect of Indian heritage. It has evolved through different ages of the history and has now become a blend of ritualistic, folk and cultural expression of the sub-continent.

India Community Center introduced Hindustani Classical Music as one of its significant cultural programs from January 2017.


Next concert will be held on January 20, 2018

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