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Dec 19 - Dec 30


Beginner & Entry level (first time attendee): Basics are the main key to a solid foundation. Whatever age the player is, it is important to start the right way. It's equally important for kids of any age to enjoy the sport, so fun and basics will be the theme. Hand-eye co-ordination and basic drills will be part of this camp.
Intermediate level: This camp is meant for juniors who have learnt the basics but are yet to hone their rallying and consistency skills. Many new strokes will be added to their arsenal in this camp like approach shots, serve returns and net game to get them to the next level.
Guaranteed coach to student ratio in this camp is 1:3
Location: ICC Table Tennis Center
1507 N. Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA
Preferred Age: 5 and above
Cost: $299/per camp/full week
Lunch Option: Vegetarian meal available with $40/week
Afternoon extended care: Available from 3pm-6pm with $75/week. 
Time: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
9:30 -12:30 (3 hrs of Table Tennis)
12:30 to 1:30 (Lunch break)
1:30 to 3:00( 1.5 hrs of any additional activities from Chess or Art)
Multiple camp discounts: $15 (Will apply if enrolled for more than 1 camp)
ICC membership discount: $10/camp
Sibling discount: $10/camper/camp

Beginner & Intermediate camp registration


Advance and Elite level camps

These camps are meant for tournament players. Players of the same level will be combined in this camp to promote healthy competitive atmosphere. This session will start with drills aiming at stroke perfection, footwork and positioning followed by matches or match-like situation. Tactical, equipment tips and fitness will also be a part of this camp.
Ten training partners from India and China with average rating of 2550 will play in the camps.
Foe Visiting National & International Players
Time - 3:00pm-6:00pm
Age: 6 and above
$299/per camp/full week 
Multiple camp discounts: $15
ICC TT membership discount: $10/camp
Sibling discount: $10/camper/camp

Advance & Elite level camps registrations


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