Community Partners' Program


ICC's Community Partner Program's mission is to bring together non profit organizations to collectively contribute in building a community that is prosperous, healthy, culturally rich, diverse, lives in harmony, and is respected by main stream America for their achievements and contributions to society.

There is no annual fee to join so please read the benefits below and fill out a CPP application form.

CPP Application

CPP Room Booking

If you would like to have your event listed under community events and the ICC newsletter please fill out the
Community Events Request

CPP Membership
Eligibility: A non-religious, non-political, non-profit organization that subscribes to the ICC/CPP mission can apply for membership.

Membership Benefits
We welcome all organizations, small and large to participate in the ICC CPP. There are no membership costs to join the ICC CPP. The ICC CPP will help our joint partners by facilitating fundraising, creating opportunities for NPO promotion, and also by leveraging the power of publicity. Partners will have the opportunity to leverage ICC marketing channels.The participating organizations will receive an array of benefits including:
• Announcements on ICC’s newsletter-Reaches 20,000 people.
• Ability to display flyers on ICC’s community partners’ board.
• Use of ICC board room for meetings once a quarter based on availbility during ICC's normal working hours. The ICC board room cannot be used to conduct classes or hold seminars or discourses. It can only be used for NPO meetings.


A True Partnership
The ICC hopes that this program will create true strategic partnerships between our organization and the NPO’s that are involved. These are a few expectations that the ICC holds for participating NPO’s.
• Forward ICC’s email to members of the participating NPO about ICC's events..
• Invite ICC representatives to the NPO’s annual event.
• Forward ICC membership collateral to NPO’s database.
• Display ICC link on website.


What is the duration of the CPP membership?
The membership duration is one calendar year.

How do I book the board room for our meetings?
To book the room you must first fill out a CPP application form and once it is approved fill out the online room booking form bellow.

How much in advance can I book the room?
The board room for your quarterly meeting can only be booked one month in advance by filling out the online form.


Community Events Request