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Why donate to ICC?

ICC fosters community spirit and makes a positive difference by providing social, cultural, educational and recreational programs.  It enriches lives and provides essential resources for the community by offering support in areas such as health, seniors, women and youth.
We are grateful to our members and donors who have supported ICC in the past five years.  However, ICC still needs your continuing support to deliver all these key community services. We need donations from the community to support all the great programs and services that are offered at Milpitas and at various satellite locations. 
ICC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You can make an IRS approved tax deductible donation to help fund ICC’s annual operations, programs, and services.   So will you help us?  Can you commit to ICC?  We are asking for this donation even if you do not or will not use ICC, because your support is important to our community. We are grateful to your contribution to help keep this community dream alive.
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