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ICC Bollywood by Amit & Hiren Team

FAQ’s & Policies

*Can I take a free Trial class before Enrolling?

Yes! The first class is free for all the new students! Walk in’s are welcome. Please sign up for free trial class to reserve your spot. Registration open on August 26th, 2019.

*Are your classes offered throughout the year?

Yes! Our classes are held for a full Academic session divided into three quarters with the exception of major holidays. (Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year) 

Quarter 1 – September – December

Quarter 2 – January – March

Quarter 3 – April – June

* Is ICC Bollywood by Amit – Main Center offered at ICC TT Center location?


* What is the duration of the class?

We offer classes that are 1 hour and 1.5 hours in length. Please check our dance schedule for the duration of classes at different locations. Price may vary depending on the duration of the class.

* Why is there a difference in class duration time and price?

If you registered for a 1 hour class (60 min) the price is $250. If you registered for a 1.5 hour class (90 min) the price is $355.

*If I am a beginner, intermediate or advance level, Where should I start?

Our goal is to make you a confident dancer. We strongly encourage students who are beginners, intermediate or advance levels. Please come take a free trail so you can experience how we teach. We shall help evaluate and help select the right class.

*If the timings or day for classes does not work for me?

We are always adding classes depending on the instructor and studio availability. If you do not see something that fits into your schedule, call or email us and we’ll try our best to set something up or will keep you in the loop for our future openings.

*What happens if a student misses a class?

If a student misses class, he/she can take a similar class at another location (with the instructor’s prior permission). However, our Academy does not guarantee any make up classes to students who miss the class. There will be no refunds and classes will not be prorated. No credit and missed classes will not be carried forward to the next quarter.

*Make up & cancelled classes.

If there is any cancellation by instructor, then there will be a make up class depending upon the majority of students, instructor & studio availability. It will be either on the day of your regular dance class by adding extra hour or other day of the week. However we always do extra hours of practice during the shows. 

*What is your refund policy?

Since we offer trial classes for all new students, we do not give refunds to students who miss class or can no longer continue. There will be no refunds and classes will not be prorated. No credit and missed classes will not be carried forward to the next quarter.

*Can I cancel in middle of the quarter?

Yes! Only if there is any medical emergencies, please provide us with a  doctors certificate. We shall do the cancellation with a prorated fee refund. Our Academy does not offer any refunds for relocation,  vacation or moving out from school or any other reason. 

*If there is any specific medical Conditions, Can I still enroll?

We strongly recommend you to HOLD ON! If there is any existing or pre existing  medical condition then it has to be notified to the instructor before enrolling in any of the classes. It is at the instructor’s discretion. 

*I registered online, but did not hear back from anyone. What should I do?

Sorry we missed you… Students who register online will start receiving emails from their dance teacher once classes have begun. Check your email to ensure you received a confirmation that your registration for dance classes was successfully sent. If you did not get an automated email confirming your enrollment into our program, please email at We will do our best to make sure you have your questions answered in a timely manner.

*How many songs do you teach per quarter?

We aim to complete a pre-determined set of choreography within a given quarter. Sometimes, this means that students learn one/two songs, or a medley of different songs in a given quarter depending on the students’ abilities to pick up. Our goal is to teach dance techniques rather than number of songs, so we like to make sure students are comfortable with choreography before moving on. If you have specific questions regarding your class, please feel free to speak to your instructor.

*When do we enroll for the dance classes?

We are always accepting students into our classes as long as there is availability of spots! We normally do not turn down any new student who wants to join, so don’t hesitate to contact us when you are ready!

*Can I join in the middle of the quarter?

Yes! we are always enrolling students into all our locations depending upon the availability of spots.  Email us at before signing up for any classes.

*What should I wear to class?
Student must wear comfortable attire like sweatpants, t-shirt, track pants or legging etc. We do not allow jeans, dresses, or any movement-restrictive clothing. 

*Is there any registration fee & sibling discount?

Yes, there is a registration fee of $25 per student. Sibling discount is $20 off the base price (total of session)

*Do students perform in the show through out the year?

Yes! There will be two dedicated Grand showcase.

‘Bollywood spectacular’ – Winter show 2019 [Between Nov-Dec]

‘Bollywood spectacular’ – Annual Recital 2020 [Between May-June]

In addition to that, as per your location , the students enrolled may be offered opportunities to perform at community & cultural events. However there will be a rental fee for the costumes.

*Does student pay participation fees for winter showcase & Annual Recital?

No! They do not pay any extra fees. Student’s participation is absolutely free.

*Do parents need to buy the tickets for winter showcase & Annual Recital?

Yes! These are ticketed events. They need to buy the tickets. This show is open for everyone. We encourage people from outside to come and watch the show. Anybody with ticket link can buy the ticket .We would like to have your friends, families, colleagues come and enjoy the show.

*Do I have to buy the dance class T-shirt?

No! You do not have to. We offer a complimentary T-shirt to all our registered students.

*How can I become a D.I.D.C. Troupe Member?

D.I.D.C. Troupe is our elite team with High Intense & Pro level Training. 

The student must be enrolled in our regular Dance class to be a part of D.I.D.C Troup.

New students must attend Audition as an evaluation conducted by the dance instructor. 

There will a separate fee structure for this program apart from your regular class fees.

Please contact or email at for more details.

*Do I get any certificate or trophy?

Yes! Students will get the certificate & trophy only after completing the Full year course. They must Enrolled for all three quarters. It’s mandatory.

* Can I record the video of the class?

Yes! Parents will be allowed inside only in the last 5 mins and can also take the video for students to practice the dance. Dance class videos cannot be shared on social media sites unless authorized by ICC Bollywood dance Instructor.

* Do I have to pay extra for Costumes?

Yes! There will be a separate charge apart from quarterly fees. The Costume charges will be in between $35 to $45 depending upon the design & requirement of the act. This will be charged twice during the full year course for our dedicated winter & Annual recital show. After the performance parents or students will keep the costumes with them. 

Please ask us for anything not covered in the above FAQ. You may email: