Hindustani Classical Music Concert Series at ICC, Milpitas

Hindustani Classical Music Concert Series 2017

Sur-Mala At ICC, Milpitas


Music has been an integral aspect of the Indian way of life and over the years, it has transformed itself into a form that has the power to entertain, control mood swings and lift the soul to an entirely different level.


Hindustani Classical music is a popular genre of Indian music. The origin of this music dates back to Sam Veda times (3-5 centuries ago). Indian classical music is an integral aspect of Indian heritage. It has evolved through different ages of the history and has now become a blend of ritualistic,  folk and cultural expression of the sub-continent. ICC Sur-Mala aims to spread the grandiose of hindustani classical music and encourage musicians.


Theme based classical music concerts will be conducted once a month at India Community Center. Each of our concerts will present raagas specific to the season in which it is held. You will get to enjoy the melodies of a variety of classical music instruments like flute, violin, tabla, harmonium, sitar and many more.


The next Sur-Mala classical music concert will be held on July 15, 2017.