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Portia Bell Hume
Behavioral Health and Training Center


When life becomes too overwhelming, it can result in significant changes in how an individual thinks, feels, and acts. The Hume Center offers a FREE Early Intervention Program for individuals, couples or families in distress. These short-term, culturally sensitive therapeutic interventions are aimed at enabling individuals to overcome challenges, develop coping behaviors, and identify their strengths.  We believe that when problems are addressed early, suffering can be minimized in later life and there can be progression toward successful, personal growth.   

Are you experiencing any of the following difficulties?
 § Sleep difficulties
 § Changes in eating habits
 § Irritability
 § Excessive worrying
 § Loss of interest in pleasurable activities
 § Changes in weight
 § Withdrawing from people
 § Conflicts with family/coworkers/peers
 § Difficulty concentrating
 § Memory problems
 § Feeling tired
 § Loss of motivation
 § Crying often
 § Physical aches and pains

The list above describes some of the problems individuals may experience when dealing with stressful situations that challenge their ability to cope.  If you are experiencing any of the following, we encourage you to seek our support and services.

Behavioral Health Service will now be every Thursday from 9am to 5pm at ICC. Enter and exit from the medical clinic only for appointments.

Please make appointments directly with Anshu Mathur, MS, MFT, at the mentioned phone and e-mail address.
For more information about the Hume Center and our
FREE Behavioral Health Promotion Programs at the ICC Medical clinic or set up an appointment please contact us at 408-934-1130, Ext: 211 or

(510) 745-9151

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Portia Bell Hume Behavioral Health and Training Center.