ICC Afterschool FAQ

ICC Afterschool FAQ

Your Questions and Our Answers about ICC’s ICC’s Afterschool Program

What ages is the ICC Afterschool program for?
The ICC Afterschool program is for children in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

What programming will the 1st to 6th graders have?
1st to 6th graders will have an opportunity for enrichment activities such as dance, music, language and public speaking. Most importantly they will be challenged academically with our unique academic curriculum.

Can ICC provide transportation from the school to ICC?
Yes we can provide transportation in our van. There will however be an additional charge based on distance etc.

What happens on holidays and minimum days?
We can provide additional programs during the holidays. However there will be an additional nominal cost for these as the days might vary by school. Regarding minimum days the earliest we can take children is noon and again are happy to provide this option at an additional nominal cost.

Which schools will you provide transportation to and from?
Within a 5 mile radius transport will be provided at an additional cost. We do not have pick-up and drop-off for any child from home/office.

What is the approx transportation cost?
The cost will vary depending on the mileage and distance but we will do our best to keep it competitive.

Are the enrichment programs that you provide for children eg. dance/ music/ craft by professionals or it the class teacher ?
We will have trained staff that will support the program and teach any enrichment classes offered on site. For certain activities we may bring in additional specialists. 

Qualifications/Bio of teachers managing the children?
Our staff is professionally trained, hold ECE credits (except teachers aides) and have had their backgrounds checked.

Some schools provide facilities to drive the kids to extracurricular activities?
Unfortunately we do not provide that service but will try and provide options for enrichment classes onsite.