New quarter of Art classes are starting from January 13th


ICC Art classes provide age appropriate, fun and art enriching activities for children. Projects will use a variety of art materials, explore different cultures and encourage creativity in children

Drawing and Painting:

Participants will enjoy different focuses in each session. Each class will cover drawing and painting techniques and color mixing. Your child will create series of paintings using media. The class will encourage imagination, creativity and own art style while developing their drawing and coloring skills. Drawing is the foundation for being a good artist and students will learn how to draw using step by step guide. They will incorporate styles and techniques from past and modern artists. All art supplies will be provided.

 Day: Every  Friday, Saturday & Monday

Time: 6 pm - 7.30 pm (FRIDAY/MONDAY) & 10.00am-11:30am(SATURDAY)

Cost: $180 (each) for non member/$170 for member (for 8 weeks)

Age: 5yrs to 12yrs

Basic Drawing Fundamentals (Prerequisite)
This four week class is a prerequisite to the Drawing and Painting Class. The objective of the class is to introduce the students to the basic drawing materials, skills and techniques. Students will learn about elements of art and create artwork in only graphite and charcoal. They will understand perspective and light direction through shading and color organization. Upon completion of this class students should be able to distinguish and utilize variety of art mediums and are ready to take the Drawing and Painting Class. This class is a must for new students and also is a good refresher for existing students.
 All art supplies will be provided.

Day: Every Wednesday

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm

Cost: $90 for non member/$80 for member (for 4 weeks)

Age: 6yrs to 12yrs

About Dolly Shah:

Dolly Shah is very passionate about arts and crafts and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and ideas with others. Her goal is to encourage each child to express his/her creativity and achieve a sense of accomplishment and confidence on completion of every project. She offers children an opportunity to learn and have fun with art and craft. She runs her own Artstudio and has experience of more than 5 years in this field.


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